Glenn Gow

CEO of Crimson Marketing

Glenn Gow, CEO of Crimson Marketing, founded the firm in 1991. Under his leadership, Crimson became one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., achieving “Inc. 500″ status in the process. Glenn oversees the work of Crimson’s teams and is focused on achieving Extreme Client Satisfaction for Crimson’s clients.

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The emergence of the left-brained CMO

According to a study by Duke University, CMOs are feeling tremendous pressure from their CEO and the board to prove the value of marketing. And CMOs will start to succeed or fail based on their ability to embrace big data and marketing technology because these are what will enable them to prove their value – and these are left-brained skills. So while a left-brained CMO doesn’t need to become a data scientist, they will work with data scientists. While a left-brained CMO doesn’t need to become an IT specialist, they will work very closely with CIOs. The CMOs that stay exclusively right-brained – meaning they’re focused on branding and outbound communications – will start to lose their jobs.

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