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As editor-in-chief of Direct Marketing News, Ginger Conlon develops and directs its editorial vision and content strategy across all communications platforms. This includes a print publication and quarterly supplement, digital content, e-newsletters, customer publishing, and live events.

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Data continues to be a focal point

Data continues to be a focal point. Customer data has always been important to marketers since the dawn of when data was available, pretty much. But, it has become even more essential due to the velocity of data, the volume of data. I don’t want to use “big data” because it’s not just about that, it’s about every kind of data coming in from everywhere.

The opportunity that that presents is amazing because you can use that information to guide decisions like never before – you can use it to guide what content you present and when you present it to your customers.

It can help marketers with accountability with their marketing performance management. There are opportunities like never before to get not just pieces of data but useful insight right to the frontline – to the salespeople and service people who need it most in that moment of truth with the customer.

So, use that customer data to find ways to pull the insight from it that you can and know that doing so can give you a significant competitive advantage.

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