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As editor-in-chief of Direct Marketing News, Ginger Conlon develops and directs its editorial vision and content strategy across all communications platforms. This includes a print publication and quarterly supplement, digital content, e-newsletters, customer publishing, and live events.

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Customer expectations will continue to force marketing and sales collaboration.

So, as we all know, customer’s purchase habits have changed significantly. B2B customers are doing a lot more research before they reach out to salespeople. A lot of the statistics say that they’re 65 to 75% through the purchase funnel as far as researching information before they make that first contact to a salesperson at a company.

So, marketers and salespeople have to work more collaboratively to be prepared for when those customers do reach out. They need to do things like journey-mapping to see where customers are in the lifecycle and be prepared with the right information at the right time whenever a customer is ready to make that interaction, to make that connection.

You have to understand their new buying habits to get that deeper understanding than you had before. And, one thing that you can look at on the other side about being more proactive is shifting from cold calls to what Dan McDade of PointClear calls “gold calls” – using things like social information and behavioral data for marketers to provide their salespeople with so they can reach out proactively and be really informed when they’re doing it.

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