Erik Wolf

Founder of ORBTR

Dynamic marketing communications professional and MBA specializing in helping small and medium-sized businesses develop brands, web sites and marketing programs. Founder of ORBTR, a sales and marketing automation software for small business WordPress websites.

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We’re going to remember what media actually means

Most people look at their online media and they say “this is something that I’m going to do.” And what that usually involves is somebody sitting at their computer once a week – or once every two weeks – and sort of joylessly banging at their keyboard just trying to get that blog post done, that Facebook update up, whatever it is.

But media is actually not supposed to be that one activity – media by definition is plural, it means a variety of mediums. So we’re going to see people that were sort of getting stuck in a rut in their online media really embrace things like video, podcasting, and even PowerPoint presentations in addition to the written word in terms of sharing their thoughts online.

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