Erik Wolf

Founder of ORBTR

Dynamic marketing communications professional and MBA specializing in helping small and medium-sized businesses develop brands, web sites and marketing programs. Founder of ORBTR, a sales and marketing automation software for small business WordPress websites.

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The end of the SEO mentality

It’s nothing against people who do SEO or search engine optimization, it is a valid practice. But what I mean by the end of the SEO mentality is the end of these online “get rich quick schemes.” We can’t just go and cheat when we’re doing our online marketing, we can’t just pay somebody to all of a sudden, overnight catapult you to the number one of anything. It takes hard work – and the online portion of our business is really no different than the offline portion of our business. It takes work, it takes effort, it takes trial-and-error, and we’re going to see the end of that shortcut SEO mentality.

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