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Called a Digital Dale Carnegie, Erik Qualman was voted the 2nd Most Likeable Author in the World behind Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling. Fast Company ranks him as a Top 100 Digital Influencer and PC Magazine lists his blog as a Top 10 Social Media blog. A frequently requested international keynote speaker (42 countries), he has been featured on almost every media outlet including 60 Minutes, The Wall Street Journal, and ABC News.

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B2B Companies will begin to invest in online training

Now some of us may have heard of Khan Academy – that’s where high school students can go online and learn for free, whether it’s math, whether it’s science, whether it’s English. Or if you look at, that’s Harvard and MIT’s initiative along with 80 plus colleges and universities that are putting all their content online for free.

And so online training is a major trend. Now, it’s going to hit B2B this year because the B2B companies going to realize; if we invest in online training, whether that’s for our clients and prospects on how they can use our services and our products or for our employees to be better trained to go on and get certified training online, B2B companies are going to understand the power of online training – not only for winning clients and prospects, but also for training your sales force across the board.

So these online training tools are very robust. As I mentioned, Edx even has a free platform that you can use because they understand that everyone in time is going to have some form of online training. And so if you’re a B2B company you can actually just use this free platform that Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Google programmers are actually putting together. And so, that’s the power of online training. This is the year that the most progressive B2B companies are going to start to invest in online training and it’s going to pay off year-after-year by doing that.

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