Douglas Burdett

B2B Marketing Agency Principal

Douglas Burdett is a graduate of Virginia Military Institute and was a U.S. Army artillery officer for 3 years in Germany. After earning his MBA, he worked in New York City on Madison Avenue at top 10 agencies JWT and Grey Advertising. In 2001 he founded Artillery. He is listed on B2B Marketing Insider’s Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter.

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Content strategy is going to become better understood and more important

Thankfully, content strategy is going to become better understood and more important. As we continue in the era of “content shock” or “content saturation” there will be an increasing awareness and understanding of and demand for content strategy. More and more companies will understand that throwing content against the wall and hoping it sticks is not a strategy. This will be driven in part by the gravitational pull that is requiring sales and marketing to work more closely together to produce results.

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