Craig Rosenberg

Co-Founder at TOPO

I help organizations sell and market more effectively. I am passionate about my customers and their success which has allowed me to create enduring, mutually beneficial relationships over the years.

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LinkedIn will become the predominant workhorse in B2B advertising.

Well, you know, the fact is that it may already be – and this is something that when 50% of the people when I talk about this say “well, isn’t that obvious?” and the other 50 are saying “really?”

And, the reality is I’m not sure this is a great… I think this is a good prediction, but it’s one of those predictions to me when you really sit back it’s like really obvious.

They’re getting better at helping people with ad products that convert and the audience and targeting in LinkedIn is unparalleled – it’s nothing we’ve ever seen before in B2B advertising. And now with the purchase of Bizo, they’re starting to extend their reach. I think by the end of 2015, my prediction might be they’re not just a predominant workhorse, that they dominate B2B advertising.

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