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I help organizations sell and market more effectively. I am passionate about my customers and their success which has allowed me to create enduring, mutually beneficial relationships over the years.

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We will see a significant rise in targeted account marketing investment

So some people have called this ‘account-based marketing’ over the years – and I’m not sure the perfect name – but I’m calling it ‘targeted account marketing’.

What we’re seeing is on the sales-side, there has been a significant rise in outbound prospects. And I think what we’re seeing here is that over the years marketing – with the rise of marketing automation, with the amazing work they’ve been doing with inbound marketing, just being way more scientific and way more effective with demand gen – we’ve done some incredible things over the years.

But, after it’s all said and done, marketers went and talked to sales and sales said “well this great, but actually I have this list of X number of accounts, and that’s what I really needed help with.”

And so the result has been now a rise in big outbound prospecting groups – and certainly in our data we see that probably 70% of the high-growth companies that we work with we’ve seen more and more outbound prospecting.

And then we see marketing say “okay, well I can actually help with that.” And so now they’re getting into the game – and in 2015, marketing is going to help support these very constrained, list-focused outbound prospecting efforts with highly-targeted account marketing where the dollars and the spend are against getting opportunities at a very specific number of accounts.

In 2015 – mark my words on this – we’ll see more and more targeted account marketing.

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