Craig Rosenberg

Co-Founder at TOPO

I help organizations sell and market more effectively. I am passionate about my customers and their success which has allowed me to create enduring, mutually beneficial relationships over the years.

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  • data

Predictive analytics will change scoring for the better

So, unfortunately I predicted this last year – but thankfully the movement is still happening. And I think the most important thing that I’ve realized in working with clients is that engagement data is important – so, how much they downloaded, whether they went to this type of webinar, whether they looked at your privacy […]
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  • industry
  • sales

We will see a significant rise in targeted account marketing investment

So some people have called this ‘account-based marketing’ over the years – and I’m not sure the perfect name – but I’m calling it ‘targeted account marketing’. What we’re seeing is on the sales-side, there has been a significant rise in outbound prospects. And I think what we’re seeing here is that over the years […]
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LinkedIn will become the predominant workhorse in B2B advertising.

Well, you know, the fact is that it may already be – and this is something that when 50% of the people when I talk about this say “well, isn’t that obvious?” and the other 50 are saying “really?” And, the reality is I’m not sure this is a great… I think this is a […]
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