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VP Business Development at HP Vertica

Experienced Go-To-Market leader, with deep domain expertise in the areas of online & traditional marketing, business development, strategic alliances, channel strategy, demand generation, international business and corporate development.

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We’re all consumers and loyalty is personal

A few years ago, I actually wrote a piece on a website called SiliconANGLE that talked about social media. So, to some degree building off my last point, I asked; “how come if this is so important and everything is so different, some of the most important and well-respected brands on earth – such as Apple – don’t really participate?” and that’s actually still true.

Yet, at the same time, those brands have tremendous connection and impact. And we have also seen what we have traditionally referred to as B2B brands have the same type of connection. So, what’s really going on – and what social is really driving – is sort of a dropping of the whole idea that B2B and B2C are really different.

As customers and as consumers (yes, we’re all marketers, but we’re also customers, we’re all consumers) our preferences and our loyalty is driven by our emotional connection with the brand, with the organization, with the service the organization provides, with the product they provide – that’s what drives loyalty.

What we’re going to see in 2015 – and this is a continuation of what has been going on – is less and less distinction (which is a false distinction, and which really isn’t necessary) between B2B and B2C marketing. It’s all loyalty marketing, it’s all about making an emotional connection with brands, with products, and with people – and that’s what drives loyalty. And whether I’m in a business context or personal context – and the lines between business and personal and professional these days are falling, as well – it’s all about establishing that connection and that’s what marketers need to focus on.

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