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Chad Pollitt is VP of Audience and Co-founder of, an online publication solely dedicated to helping marketing and communications executives solve their online content visibility challenges. A member of a Forbes Top 100 list, Chad also authored “51 Things Your Mother Taught You about Inbound Marketing.” He has contributed to industry media outlets, including the Guardian, Huffington Post, Social Media Today, Business2Community and LinkedIn.

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Content promotion adoption on paid and earned channels is growing

It’s growing for a simple, simple reason. It’s growing because the promise of organic search and social visibility isn’t quite working for all marketers and all brands. Why? It’s not working because of a simple concept that markets share that’s also known as the “sales line” calls C.S.I. or content saturation index.

And what this means is simple: As more and more brands in particular industries are adopting content marketing, there’s more competition for the 10 spots in the SERPS, and there’s more competition on social media organically. And we all know what’s happening to social media visibility, right?

So, what’s a marketer to do? A marketer is to adopt earned and paid media promotion. And to do that, and entire eco-system of tools and networks have cropped up over the last years. So now, it’s commonplace to talk about things like influencer marketing, media outreach, native advertising, sponsored content, and the list goes on and on and on.

So to combat the C.S.I. problem—and the visibility problem of today—content promotion adoption on both earned and paid channels will continue to grow.

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