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I’m the CEO and a B2B marketing strategist for my consulting firm Marketing Interactions, Inc.. I’ve spent over 28 years in business management and marketing operations and use every bit of it to help my clients create customer-focused eMarketing and content strategies that produce more sales opportunities. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a die-hard writer and storyteller.

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B2B Marketers will embrace the Continuum Experience

Quite simply, campaigns must die. Content with a use-by date is based on your priorities, not those of your buyers and customers. Instead, marketers must address the story across the entirety of the buying to customer to advocacy cycle. It’s a continuum with no start and stop dates, a continuous story.

At any given time, people are in different stages of problem solving. A campaign with 3 touches and a sales call is more like a Hail Mary than a strategic plan. Marketers must learn to consistently address audiences across channels with a story that motivates action, connects the
dots and provides the context needed for consideration and next steps. Using a continuum approach is also the best way to shift from a broadcast and push mentality to a helpful and credible one. This is what will build confidence in your company’s ability to truly provide value, not just sell to them.

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