Ardath Albee

B2B Marketing Strategist & Author

I’m the CEO and a B2B marketing strategist for my consulting firm Marketing Interactions, Inc.. I’ve spent over 28 years in business management and marketing operations and use every bit of it to help my clients create customer-focused eMarketing and content strategies that produce more sales opportunities. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a die-hard writer and storyteller.

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Personas will become a priority

Whether buyer, influencer, customer or end user, intimate knowledge of the audiences your company engages with will be recognized as the foundation for relevance. You can’t engage people you don’t know in a compelling way. If you don’t understand why they should care about solving the problem your company addresses, they won’t care either.

Moving the needle with content requires that you become so damn relevant that your audiences can’t help but engage. Personas help you get beyond the “read and leave” syndrome by helping you to create content that prompts them to ask “what’s next?” after every interaction. The right Personas can help you orchestrate progression toward the decision to buy and that’s what moves the needle.

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