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B2B Marketing Strategist & Author

I’m the CEO and a B2B marketing strategist for my consulting firm Marketing Interactions, Inc.. I’ve spent over 28 years in business management and marketing operations and use every bit of it to help my clients create customer-focused eMarketing and content strategies that produce more sales opportunities. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a die-hard writer and storyteller.

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B2B companies will create content centers of excellence

As companies embrace content marketing, the many departments in marketing are creating content in isolation from each other. Different takes on the brand message fragments the brand across channels, limiting the potential of the relationships you can build.

By centralizing the content function, companies have the ability to share a unified story that results in high relevance no matter where your audiences encounter it. Instead of a collection of parts, your brand must be seen as a cohesive whole that’s on point at every encounter.

A content center of excellence also increases efficiency and can reduce costs by cross-purposing content resulting in more effective distribution. Those outcomes are a tremendous bonus for making content marketing credible with the executive team.

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