Andrew Davis

Best-selling Author & Marketing Speaker

Andrew Davis has wrangled for The Muppets and written for Charles Kuralt. He’s marketed for tiny startups and Fortune 500 brands. His novel combinations of old ideas that leverage new technology have been tapped by the Obama administration and Russian media moguls. Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships, his new book, puts his common sense approach to work for you.

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Strategic distribution and promotion

More and more brands in 2015 are going to leverage momentum to promote and distribute the content we create. So instead of throwing up all the content on our social channels in one big vomit mess every time we publish something new, I see smarter and smarter brands leveraging an elongated approach to distribution and promotion.

What they’re doing is leveraging momentum at every distribution point. So first, they might distribute their content to their loyalty base—the customers that have already subscribed to their content—and then wait for those people to consume the content and then plateau. Then they’ll actually buy consumption—like buy ads for the content—and watch that volume get to a point where it plateaus.

Then they’ll do strategic social distribution, they’ll just distribute it on LinkedIn and wait for that to plateau. And then they’ll distribute it on Facebook and wait for that to plateau. And then eventually if it’s good enough, they’ll do some targeted big pitches to public relations and press. And that way, they’re leveraging the momentum of the audience before to actually drive the next hit. So, I want you to think about leveraging strategic distribution and promotion in 2015.

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