Andrew Davis

Best-selling Author & Marketing Speaker

Andrew Davis has wrangled for The Muppets and written for Charles Kuralt. He’s marketed for tiny startups and Fortune 500 brands. His novel combinations of old ideas that leverage new technology have been tapped by the Obama administration and Russian media moguls. Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships, his new book, puts his common sense approach to work for you.

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Attaching talent to your content

In 2015, more and more brands are going to attach talent to their content. When I say talent, I mean people. Who powers the content you create—especially if you’re a content brand? I want you to think about attaching a person—the thought leader—to the content your creating.

Why? Because content that’s good builds relationships with the audience, and relationships build trust, and trust drives revenue. And if you don’t have talent—a person—attached to the content your creating on a regular basis, then you are not taking advantage of the trust you can build with a person.

A person makes your content inherently social and it allows you to have offline potential—meaning people will come to meet or see that person after they build trust with them. And that’s powerful. So, I want you to attach talent to your content.

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