Amanda Kahlow

CEO & Founder of 6sense

Amanda is passionate about bringing the power of predictive marketing and sales intelligence to B2B enterprise and mid-market companies. Prior to 6sense, Amanda spent 14 years as the CEO and founder of CI Insights, a big-data services company that used multichannel analytics to help enterprise companies generate hundreds of millions in net-new business.

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Marketers will finally understand what data really matters

Let’s get real about data: Anyone can crawl for data—it’s a commodity today. If anyone sells you on their awesome data crawlers that crawls websites and uses natural language processing to create hundreds of thousands of attributes, I can give you 10 more tools just like them for half the price.

Yesterday, maybe it was cool. Today, it’s table stakes: cheap, and very easy to do. Any developer worth their salt can do this for you. So don’t be fooled by vendors who tell you they’ve cracked some code on calling for valuable attributes. All that can be conferred with this data are what we call static demographic and firmographic attributes about a company or about a contact. This is great for knowing if that person or if that company meets your ideal target buyer profile, but it does nothing to tell you if that person actually has a need for the products you sell.

So what data really matters? It’s actually a really simple concept: When we think we have a need, what do we do? We do research. We read objective research, we look to our peers for their reviews, we go to forums for expert opinions, we go to industry and vertical trade publications to learn to make specific, informed decisions. It’s that time-sensitive activity data that holds the key to our buying needs.

Simply put: It’s not the content on the page that we crawl for or buy, it’s who visits that page and when.

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