Amanda Kahlow

CEO & Founder of 6sense

Amanda is passionate about bringing the power of predictive marketing and sales intelligence to B2B enterprise and mid-market companies. Prior to 6sense, Amanda spent 14 years as the CEO and founder of CI Insights, a big-data services company that used multichannel analytics to help enterprise companies generate hundreds of millions in net-new business.

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For marketers, every interaction will be prescribed by math

For marketers, every interaction will be prescribed by math. To find the right person to reach with the right message, and encourage the best possible outcome. Humans can now exit the equation—machines will do the planning, the strategy, and the execution.

But why now?

1. The technology is here. We have the backend data processing and storage technology to support the real Big Data challenge. Data is processed in its rawest form and preserved at the most granular level so it can be cross-correlated and queried at any time at any given moment with in dimensional segmentation.

2. The data is here. As we know, 90% of the world’s data was created in the last year. We are walking around with these supercomputers in our pockets. Every device we own is embedded with a supercomputer tracking every interaction and everything is correlated.

3. The science is here. We’re in the dawn of machine learning and models running in this open-source codebase—self-correcting and learning overtime. 4.We have the business need. For B2B marketers specifically, the universe is expanding and buyers now control the journey. Buyers are self-educating, they’re doing all of their purchase research prior to leaning in and talking to a vendor. They’re filling out their forms and talking to the sales rep at the last step. Marketers are desperate to get in front of these buyers early.

The technology now is here to connect those dots of the vast digital ecosystem to find buyers where they naturally go for information early and when they have a need.

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