Amanda Kahlow

CEO & Founder of 6sense

Amanda is passionate about bringing the power of predictive marketing and sales intelligence to B2B enterprise and mid-market companies. Prior to 6sense, Amanda spent 14 years as the CEO and founder of CI Insights, a big-data services company that used multichannel analytics to help enterprise companies generate hundreds of millions in net-new business.

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Artificial intelligence proliferates B2B marketing and sales

It’s not news that we’re in a dawn of machine intelligence era across every industry, every vertical. Artificial intelligence will disrupt every interaction, every industry will be the heart at every advancement in technology. Long gone are the days of getting excited about analytics and reporting and cross-channel optimization. Those that will win today will not just optimize workflow and process, and not just be predictive, but actually be prescriptive.

Intelligence is not information. Intelligence is action. Intelligence is heart leading to measurable advances taking humans out. Machine intelligence is forward-thinking and not backward-looking.

We went from the age in the industrial age when machines took over manpower to the information age where every answer to every question you can possibly think of was at your fingertips.

In the artificial intelligence age, not only can we expect the answers to every imaginable question, but those supercomputers in our pockets will know exactly what we want and need—every system, every application, every tool we use, every toy we play with will be optimized for ideal contingents. Sellers will be connected to buyers before they even know they have a need.

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