What is this site?

Backbone Media asked over thirty digital marketing thought leaders to share their industry trends and predictions. We recorded a brief phone call with each thought leader and formatted the audio into various forms of sharable media. Not all thought leaders have shared their predictions yet, so we will present new participants weekly. Our goal is to create a hub of video content to help marketers align their strategies with promising industry trends.  Subscribe to get trends and predictions in your inbox.

Why was it built?

Increased thought leadership visibility yields increased market credibility and trust … and people buy from people they trust. For this reason, we believe your company’s thought leaders are your most valuable sales and marketing assets. However company thought leaders remain a relatively untapped marketing resource as they don’t have time to write or edit content. Marketing departments need to leverage their thought leader’s most accessible skill, talking.

Our B2B Marketing Trends & Predictions microsite was built using only a 10 minute recorded conversation from each thought leader. From this minimal demand on their time, Backbone Media created a video, a transcript, a blog post, a slideshare, and a content app for each participant.  And we can do this for your company too! This site illustrates one way to leverage a thought leader’s limited time and seemingly unlimited industry knowledge.

What’s next?

To better capitalize on your company’s untapped sales and marketing assets your marketing department needs the right approach, medium and execution. Backbone Media is here to help with all three.

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