Our Approach

Our success — and the success of our work— is built on a foundation of 4 core values that inform every decision we make as a business. These are the principles and ideals that make us “tick,” and allow us to do the best work possible for our clients.


As a nimble company, we can handle a variety of different types of projects, while maintaining a high level of consistency and quality. By remaining flexible, we can offer both custom and out-of-the-box type solutions to fit the needs of our clients. This also affects how we’ve structured our business; we maintain a small, agile team of in-house design, development, and strategy experts, and surround them with an extended network of trusted, US-based writing and graphic design professionals.


We like to think of ourselves as a natural, collaborative extension of our clients’ internal marketing departments. We pride ourselves on being available any time our clients want to talk through an idea or question about their web strategy, and value the friendly rapport we’ve developed with all of our clients.


Using a combination of best-practices knowledge and experience, Backbone is in a unique position to solve online marketing problems for our customers. Rather than simply take orders, we build relationships with clients that enable us to ‘push-back’ on certain ideas when we feel the client’s goals are at stake. Our work is based on strategic decision making, not blindly-followed trends.


Throughout our holistic, full life-cycle approach to online marketing, Backbone employees exude a high-level of passion for their work. Each team member maintains specific focuses, while remaining completely dedicated to our clients, and excited about what we do.