B2B Newsroom™

Is this you?

  • You want to capture high-quality leads for your business.
  • You want to generate relevant inbound traffic, readers, and subscribers.
  • You want to earn extremely high-quality inbound links from websites, and news/social media channels, such as linkedin and Facebook.
  • You want to promote awareness of your brand and generate some back-links from key influencers.
  • You want to improve your search engine rankings
  • You don’t want to have to work too hard to make it all happen.

Spooky, right? We can hear you crying “That’s me!” Luckily for you, we’ve got a solution that can check all those items off of your list — especially the part about not having to work too hard.

The B2B Newsroom: The Total Package

The B2B Newsroom

Click the image above to visit a sample newsroom

The B2B Newsroom service is a comprehensive Business-to-Business content and video marketing system that efficiently generates high quality leads, inbound links, subscriptions, top search engine rankings, thought leadership, and traffic from a targeted niche audience. The focal point of the service is an online magazine styled website that features aggregated content and original video.

The B2B Newsroom is updated daily and prominently features a compelling Call to Action in the form of a video that summarizes the top news and buzz from the past month. There are also daily and weekly summaries of top content. The video is a crucial piece of the strategy; it’s designed to capture subscribers while stimulating influencer engagement and high quality links back to the B2B Newsroom.

The B2B Newsroom is a powerful marketing tool for any company that’s looking to reach and maintain engagement with an elusive target audience.

Hands off!

Wait, we mean that in a good way! The B2B Newsroom is fully managed and produced by Backbone Media. We’ll take care of 100% of the daily management, writing, content creation and curation, and video production. Your job is to sit back and watch your online marketing performance get better and better.

We firmly believe that every B2B company can benefit greatly from their own B2B Newsroom. Contact us today to learn more about this full-service offering.