What is B2B Remarketing and How Does It Affect My Bottom Line?

What is B2B Remarketing and How Does It Affect My Bottom Line?Remarketing, also known as  "conversion marketing" or "cart abandonment marketing," is a paid search marketing strategy that marketers can use to follow up with prospective customers who don’t complete a conversion when visiting the company website. Instead of moving on (and perhaps never returning to your website), B2B remarketing allows you to continue to advertise to that customer as they visit other websites.

Just how could remarketing work for your website and affect your bottom line? Here’s a look at the process.

Customized Benefits of Remarketing

One visit to your website is rarely all it takes to convert a visitor into a lead. That’s where remarketing offers its most obvious benefit. It lets you bring those indecisive customers back to your website via custom-tailored ads and offers, essentially giving you another chance to close the deal.

For example, if a customer heads to another website after leaving yours, ads for your company can appear in Google Display Network ads across the web. Without any extra effort on your end, the customer is repeatedly reminded of the connection and your company until they are compelled to revisit your site, and they will remember your brand.

For an even more in-depth (and illustrated) look at the B2B remarketing process, check out Google’s infographic here.

Getting Started with Remarketing

To make the most of this tool, you’ll work within AdWords to add the B2B remarketing tag to your website, create lists, and build campaigns. To see how that might look, here’s an example from Google’s remarketing instruction page:

People looking for stilettos visit your online store to check out the available types of stiletto shoes. These shoppers could be added to a "Dress shoes" list to show them ads about related products. Then, your ads can be shown to these shoppers while they browse other websites on the Google Display Network.

Or, in case these shoppers are actively looking for stilettos, you can set a bid adjustment for this remarketing list on Google Search. Instead of showing these customers a standard ad about your store, you could show them an ad that offers a special discount on stilettos. This ad might encourage them to return to the website to buy a pair.

Of course, remarketing isn’t just for ecommerce businesses. It can also help you redirect visitors back to your social media platforms or services pages, or provide special incentives or offers to entice customers to connect with your business. When you approach a tool like this with the right strategy, the possibilities are limitless.

Whether you’re focused on your metrics or simply looking for another way to engage with warm leads, B2B remarketing might be a powerful tool to use in conjunction with your B2B marketing strategy.

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