3 Social Media Management Tools Worth Their Weight in Tweets

3 Social Media Management Tools Worth Their Weight in TweetsYou've probably figured out by now that your favorite brands don’t live online 24/7. But still, it seems a little hard to believe when you can log on and find them pumping out frequent, high-interest, tagged, and targeted updates at any given time.

How do they do it?

The secret is the newest batch of social media management tools that automate and organize your social media presence, saving you time and money (and helping you develop a brand worth following).

If you've been wondering which of the latest social media tools are worth the time commitment, here are three we recommend and use to grow and maintain social media strategies.

1. HootSuite for Scheduling and Tracking

HootSuite is the young, hip grandfather of all social media tools. It’s a social media management program that you can download for free and use to wrangle and push your social media updates.

HootSuite lets you login to your social channels and schedule updates for future publication. Its most popular feature is its bulk uploading tool which lets you load up to 350 tweets at a time using a .CSV spreadsheet.

Now, don’t get too excited; if you want to reap the rewards of genuine brand engagement, we don’t recommend using 100 percent scheduled updates. However, scheduling posts in advance is a great way to make sure your social media profiles are always pushing out interesting and useful updates, even when you can’t be online (especially if you’re trying to engage with customers who live on another timezone or in another country).

2. Buffer App for Analytics and Quick Links

A popular up-and-comer to the social media management world, Buffer App is also making waves with its easy-to-use and easy-to-share links. Simply sign up for the program, connect your accounts, and update your profiles all in one place. Its click-and-drag interface, RSS feed integration, and “Suggested Posts” are all fantastic features that make being interesting online a little bit easier.

This program is free to use, and you can pay to upgrade for more features like enhanced analytics and reporting (worth it), and more team members (also worth it). They also frequently add useful features like Feed Monitoring and Team Contributions that you can use to make your social media profile even more valuable to your followers and customers.

3. Dlvr.It for Promotions

When it comes to publishing and promoting your posts , no one does it better than Dlvr.It. This social media management tool helps you organize, schedule, and queue your updates, but also promote and syndicate your company blog posts. Anything fancy in regard to pushing out an RSS feed, Dlvr.It can do it.

The Dlvr.It team wants to make it easier for a brand to manage and measure the flow of its content, and it does just that. It makes it easier to promote your company blog posts and to “outsource” managing your own RSS feed, cutting out a huge chunk of social media promotions you’d otherwise have to take care of manually.

Another title for this post could easily have been “How Technology Is Making Your Life Easier”! But while everyone can benefit from a strategic approach to social media, we've found that social media management isn't for everyone -- and that’s where we come in. If these tools didn't get you fired up about managing your online presence, contact us and save yourself valuable time.

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