24 Marketing Predictions for 2015 from 8 Top Thought Leaders

marketing thought leaders

Welcome to BackboneMedia.com's first blog post in our B2B Marketing Predictions Weekly Series. The 24 predictions below cover the categories of Social, Mobile, Data, Sales and Ads. Click on a thought leader to hear their predictions.

Joe Pulizzi's 3 predictions:

  1. B2B companies will buy niche media companies in 2015
  2. Publishers and editors will be recruited by B2B brands
  3. There will be a surge in print magazines from B2B brands

Neal Schaffer's 3 predictions:

  1. Marketers will realize the importance of employee advocacy
  2. Paid social will become mainstream
  3. B2B marketers will learn to leverage the visual

Craig Rosenberg's 3 predictions:

  1. Predictive analytics will change scoring for the better
  2. We will see a significant rise in targeted account marketing investment
  3. LinkedIn will become the predominant workhorse in B2B advertising.

Matt Heinz's 3 predictions:

  1. The rise of predictive analytics
  2. There will be more journalists than MBAs in marketing departments
  3. The formalization of the sales-enablement function

Glenn Gow's 3 predictions:

  1. The emergence of the left-brained CMO
  2. Marketers will get indigestion from too much technology
  3. Predictive analytics will be hot

Debbie Qaqish's 3 predictions:

  1. Revenue marketing will be better recognized by top management teams
  2. Talent development and compensation will become a top priority for CMO’s
  3. Sales teams will buy into revenue marketing

Dan McDade's 3 predictions:

  1. Sales teams will take advantage of client data in their outbound efforts
  2. Sales executives won’t invest in enough follow-up actions on prospects
  3. “Nurturing” will be the marketing word for 2015

Paul Dunay's 3 predictions:

  1. Marketing Performance Management will continue to grow in importance.
  2. Social Media will be eclipsed by Social Ads
  3. Breakthrough mobile innovation will happen in B2B