Scott Brinker

Co-founder & CTO ion interactive

Entrepreneurial executive with broad experience at the intersection of technology and marketing, including a strong background in digital marketing, marketing technology, web development, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and product management. Passionate about building agile, high-performance teams to bring to market imaginative products and services.

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The year of interactive content marketing

Most content marketing is passive in nature – the audience reads, watches, or listens. But now we’re seeing a rise of new kind of content marketing around interactive content that is participatory in nature.

Our audience can interact with things like assessment tools, calculators, configurators, quizzes, games. These are ways to help marketers stand out from the noise of passive content to find more engaging ways to teach, educate, and help their prospects. For many years, these technologies had to be custom-built by programmers which made them expensive, slow-to-build, hard to maintain. But now we’re seeing more and more software-as-a-service companies provide out-of-the-box interactive content tools to marketers. We think this will really explode in 2015.

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