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Founder of The Sales Lion

The Sales Lion is a Marketing and Sales consulting company focusing on helping small and large organizations develop a culture of content and inbound marketing. Marcus also speaks around the world with fire and passion.

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2015 will see the extinction of sales reps

Most B2B companies up until this point in time have had a “sales rep” model. Often times it’s an individual that travels the country, travels the area, has an area that they’re responsible for, and they go and they carry brochures and they meet with these businesses and if you look at it, it’s incredibly inefficient.

In 2015 and beyond, more and more of these B2B companies are going to realize that the old model of sales reps is incredibly inefficient. In fact, the best sales tool today is incredible teaching, transparency – that is, the content that’s on your website and your digital platforms. This is the future of what today’s sales rep actually is.

If a company is really thinking forward, they’re going to say; “what is everything that our sales reps say and provide to their dealer base, to the prospective dealer base?” And once they identify that, they take that, they transfer it to the website and they truly make their website the Wikipedia of their space.

And what’s going to end up happening is now, instead of the sales reps traveling around and spending way more money than they should, all these businesses will approach the B2Bs because they’re content is so good, and so resourceful, and it’s so helpful, that it’s more efficient than any sales rep ever was.

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